Noticias relacionadas con el sector del motor, automóvil, industrial y ferias.

the variable timing

Nowadays, most vehicles have a 4-stroke combustion cycle: intake, compression, explosion, and exhaust. The engine timing ensures that this cycle works correctly. Thanks to this system, the intake and exhaust valves are perfectly coordinated with the movement of the camshaft and this with the crankshaft. Timing is a key part when the vehicle begins to …

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The types of injection have evolved thanks to technology advance. Besides, the restrictive pollution regulations have accelerated the development of these systems to the ones we have today. Previously, a carburetor used to mix gasoline and air inside the combustion chamber. This system is responsible for supplying high-pressure fuel to the engine compression cycle. In …

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mitsubishi in european market

Mitsubishi is a Japanese company that manufactures automobiles. Its logo is composed of three rhombuses that symbolizes three diamonds. This is because the Mitsubishi translation is three diamonds. The Japanese brand decided to focus its objective on recovering its European market for next year with Renault, which together with Nissan made an alliance at the …

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the cylinder head

The cylinder head is an important engine part whose main function is to close the combustion chamber. This engine spare part helps to ensure proper functioning of the engine. Its composition can be mainly of two materials: cast iron or aluminum. Previously, they were generally manufactured with cast iron, this is because it allowed greater …

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Camshafts are essential for the engine combustion process. There are many different camshafts depending on the engine, being bigger, smaller, with more cams or even engines with multiple camshafts. CAMSHAFTS FUNCTION It does not matter how many camshafts are in an engine. They always operate the valves, controlling the intake and exhaust process of the …

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