Noticias relacionadas con el sector del motor, automóvil, industrial y ferias.


Isuzu is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of industrial and commercial vehicles and diesel engines. It becomes a world leader in the commercialization of pick-ups. In addition, it was the first to introduce the common rail system in this type of cross-country vehicle. Due to its involvement with the environment, Isuzu designs diesel engines that minimize …

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John Deere has a relevant reputation, the brand stays in the first position when we talk about engines in the agricultural sector. Today we are going to talk about John Deere 300 series. This series was designed in 1960 for agricultural professional. It is common to find these engines in Spain and around the world. …

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Today we are going to talk about the Japanese manufacturer Yanmar, one of the most outstanding companies worldwide. Among the products offered, we find machinery for agriculture and construction, energy systems, industrial and maritime engines. In other words, Yanmar products can be found on land, sea and city. Yanmar started 2022 with new projects. On …

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If we tell you “Nothing is like a Deere”, you know what brand we are talking about, right? Which is one of the most important agricultural machinery manufacturing companies worldwide. This brand has 3 elements that characterizes it. Those are; its colors, green and yellow, as its name suggest. Within the products that John Deere …

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Kubota and its presence in Europe

Kubota is more than known worldwide because of agriculture machinery. After almost 150 years in the industry, this manufacturer is related, in its majority, with tractors or minitractors. However, today we are not going to talk about Kubota’s tractor range but about its presence in the real market, more specifically in niches that are unknown …

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DEUTZ, THE AGRICULTURAL ENGINE BUILDER Deutz AG is one of the biggest manufacturers of agricultural diesel engines. Not only used in the equipment manufactured by Deutz Fahr (tractor manufacturer), but numerous OEMs use the ranges of engines of the German manufacturer which cover from 4kw to 7000kw. Recently, Deutz AG has signed a collaboration agreement …

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