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Today we are going to talk about the Japanese manufacturer Yanmar, one of the most outstanding companies worldwide.

Among the products offered, we find machinery for agriculture and construction, energy systems, industrial and maritime engines. In other words, Yanmar products can be found on land, sea and city.

Yanmar started 2022 with new projects. On one hand, production of a new manufacturing plant for industrial engines began in India. On the other hand, it introduced Red Premium worldwide, previously they were only available in North America. This new range is red, as its name suggests. This is because in this way they relate their products to their corporate color and manage to differentiate themselves from their competitors using yellow in their machines.


Yanmar decided to promote machinery for the maintenance of urban areas in German market. For this reason, this month, YM Series, YT Series and SA Series tractors will incorporate into Yanmar family.

YM series

New tractor models are YM347 and YM359 with 47 and 60 horsepower respectively. Its engine is direct injection and allows to reduce fuel consumption. You can find these Yanmar tractors in agriculture applications, landscaping and golf courses.


YT series

YT2 and YT3 engines characterize by low fuel consumption and low emissions. However, YT3 became the first tractor with less than 50 HP of power and with i-HMT (Vario) transmission, which allows greater machinery performance.

SA series


This series of tractors are in garden applications and are characterized by being 3-cylinder diesel engines. The difference between SA221 model (21.5 hp) and SA424 is that the last model is more powerful and reaches a higher speed.


It is not difficult to find Yanmar engines in John Deere small tractor models or in Landini tractors.

One John Deere model in which we can find a Yanmar engine is 2026R. This engine is characterized by being 3 cylinders, with 2 valves in each of them. Besides, it has a power of 25.2 hp and is in phase V of emission regulations, that is, its combustion is cleaner and therefore more respectful of the environment.

Landini Series 2 models also feature Yanmar engines. In this case, the engine is characterized by being a 4-cylinder with powers of 44, 47.5 and 51 hp. Among 3 models, we highlight 2-055 model has 4 valves per cylinder and an exhaust gas recirculation system that allows to reduce polluting emissions.


To sum up, Yanmar is a brand that is trying to improve constantly in all its models for both land and sea applications. Furthermore, major brands such as John Deere or Landini include Yanmar engines.

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