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Nowadays, most vehicles have a 4-stroke combustion cycle: intake, compression, explosion, and exhaust. The engine timing ensures that this cycle works correctly. Thanks to this system, the intake and exhaust valves are perfectly coordinated with the movement of the camshaft and this with the crankshaft.

Timing is a key part when the vehicle begins to gain speed. If this fails, it causes a serious engine failure.


Fixed distribution has been explained in the previous section. However, variable valve timing allows the timing and duration of valve opening and closing to be varied to improve engine performance. When the vehicle reaches high speeds, the valves open longer to increase the mixture of fuel and air, providing more power to the engine.


Next we are going to explain the different types of variable distribution that we find in the market, created by different brands.


Toyota created this VVT system in the 1990s to move the intake camshaft a few degrees using hydraulic pressure. The brand inserted a toothed pinion on the camshaft.

A few years later, he developed the VVT-i, which consisted of managing the oil through a solenoid valve depending on the information received from the sensors.


This system created by Audi changes the axial position of the cams and when it moves to one side or the other, a different cam placed on the valve, this is because there is one for a longer journey and another for a shorter one.


Valvetronic is a system used by BMW and you can find in engines whose valves are pushed by rocker arms. It replaces the conventional butterfly valve with an electrical device that controls the opening of the intake valves.


One of the best known systems created by Honda, it consists of three valves that make possible a more efficient functioning. Two of the valves are commonly in engines that have 4 valves per cylinder, and in between these two we find an additional valve that drives the rocker arms when it is necessary. This third valve allows a greater intake of air.

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