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The types of injection have evolved thanks to technology advance. Besides, the restrictive pollution regulations have accelerated the development of these systems to the ones we have today. Previously, a carburetor used to mix gasoline and air inside the combustion chamber.

This system is responsible for supplying high-pressure fuel to the engine compression cycle. In a high temperature environment, the air comes into contact with the fuel, causing combustion.

Do you know the difference between direct or indirect injection? We tell you everything below.


The direct injection is used in diesel engines and is currently also used in gasoline engines. The injector acts directly inside the cylinders.

It makes possible to reduce the heat loss in the combustion process and, at the same time, decrease the amount of fuel required. In addition, it is a stable system that reduces failures during the combustion process and allows for easier cold starts.

direct injection


indirect injection

Like the previous one, we find it in both diesel and gasoline engines. Especially what we find in older diesel vehicles.

If injection is carried out in gasoline engines, the mixture of the fuel with the air is in the intake manifold, before passing to the combustion chamber. However, in diesel vehicles, the fuel is inserted into a pre chamber that connected to the combustion chamber.

Among its advantages, we find that this system pollutes less than the previous one, although it consumes more fuel. Since the injectors are not close to combustion, they get less dirty and, therefore, there is less risk of clogging.

Sometimes knowing the type of injection of the repaired vehicle is very important information. An engine named the same way can change the spare parts you need depends on the type of injection. This happens with brands such as Kubota, Yanmar and Mitsubishi. It is important to know how to identify it to provide this information to our sales team. This will help to find the exact spare parts and make the repair a success.

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