Valve covers

They protect different parts of the engine and prevent oil loss for proper operation.

Valve covers, timing covers and oil pans are important spare parts in an internal combustion engine. Each has a specific and crucial function in the operation of the engine.

The valve covers, as its name suggests, have the function of covering the rocker arm system that activates the valves, so that the oil sent by the oil pump is distributed to lubricate said system.

On the other hand, the timing cover has a different function depending on the type of timing we are dealing with. If we have a chain distribution as is typical in more modern engines, the distribution cover has the function of protecting the chain and avoiding the loss of oil that lubricates it, being it made of steel (or iron). If we have an older distribution, such as the belt distribution, the function of the distribution cover is reduced to the fact of protecting the belt from the intrusion of elements that could make it jump. This type of timing cover is usually made of plastic.

valve covers

In Automotive Oryx Parts S.L. We provide different types of valve covers and distribution covers to carry out repairs satisfactorily, having the material the day after ordering it (see conditions).

We also distribute engine cases for industrial applications.

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