Tappets and rocker arms

Both pieces control and transfer the movement of the camshaft to open and close the valves.

The tappets of an engine are a mechanism that is responsible for transferring the movement of the cams of a camshaft to the engine valves. These make the rocker arms open or close the valves, depending on the phase of the engine in which it is (intake, compression, explosion or exhaust) thus allowing the engine to work. There are different types, both of tappets and rocker arms.

Regarding the tappets, we find two types, the mechanical and the hydraulic. While mechanical tappets are stiff and, over time, end up creating a small amount of play between the valve stem and tappet, hydraulic tappets reduce that play to a minimum.

On the other hand, the rocker arms vary depending on their axis of rotation. If the axis of rotation is in the center, they are called tilting rocker arms, while if it is at one end of the lever, they are called oscillating or semi-oscillating rocker arms.

It is important to know that when changing an engine’s valves or camshaft, it is essential to replace the rest of the valvetrain component. Keep in mind that an engine running at 4,000 r.p.m. it makes hydraulic tappets and engine rocker arms do their job more than thirty times a second.

Hydraulic tappets should always be changed if there has been a distribution break or if there is a risk that the oil has been contaminated with metal particles in the breakdown, as these can become embedded inside the tappets and end up damaging them.

The INA and EUROCAMS hydraulic tappets, distributed in Spain by Automoción Oryx Parts S.L., have anti-empty systems that make them reliable in the most extreme conditions. We also distribute engine rocker arms and mechanical tappets, components that require periodic changes due to their continuous wear, as we have previously mentioned.

At ORYX PARTS we also have engine rocker arm kits and hydraulic tappets. These components must be replaced in their entirety whenever any of them has been damaged in a breakdown.

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