Pistons are one of the key parts in the combustion process of an engine.

The pistons of an engine are like the heart of the engine. The movement they make inside the cylinder or sleeve causes the combustion that gets the engine running.

Among the characteristics that a piston must have, we can highlight that its structure must be very robust but at the same time it must be light. In addition, due to the pressure inside the cylinders or liners, the piston requires resistance to high temperatures, wear and corrosion.

For the piston to work properly, it has rings coupled to its grooves. These rings serve so that the pressure inside the cylinder or sleeve is not lost but, at the same time, allows the piston to be lubricated, allowing correct movement.

These are the main characteristics that all the pistons in an engine have. However, there are many different types of pistons; with different combustion chambers, with internal reinforcement, molybdenum panel, valve millings, etc.

As we have named, the piston moves inside the cylinder or the sleeve. Depending on the type of motor with which we work, we will have, or not, shirts. When we have an integral engine block the pistons will move inside the cylinders machined on the engine block. If we have a liner engine block, instead of having the cylinders machined inside the block, we have the liners, which are cylinders that are inserted into the block and inside which the pistons move.

Within the shirts we have several types; dry shirt or wet shirt. The difference between these types of jackets is their cooling. While the dry jacket is not in contact with the coolant, the wet jacket is in direct contact with the coolant. The latter offer better engine cooling and are used, above all, in high-power engines that require greater heat removal. On the other hand, these shirts have a higher manufacturing cost compared to dry shirts.

At Oryx Parts Automotive we have pistons, liners and piston rings adapted for passenger cars and, also, adaptable for industrial engines. In addition, thanks to our stocking and service capacity, you can have the piston or liner you need in your workshop the day after placing your order (see conditions).

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