Engine valves and valve guides

These metal elements allow the fuel-air mixture to enter and the combustion gases to exit.

Changes in engine design and its performance have profoundly transformed everything related to its manufacture and the specifications of the materials used. Higher thermal and pressure levels have popularized the use of bi-metallic valves with stellite coatings. The timing and lubrication problems of various engines and the widespread use of multi-valve heads demand the utmost care in selecting your engine valve supplier.

The Oryx Parts range of engine valves and guides, which meet the same quality standards as original equipment production, is based on extensive coverage for European, Japanese and American engines. We develop engine valves very quickly for new applications and supply from stock in very short order, worldwide.

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In Spain, Automotive Oryx Parts S.L. distributes valves and engine guides, both for passenger cars and industrial engines, following the quality standards that characterize us. We also provide tube and valve seats for seat fabrication. We distribute two brands of valves; Autoventil, a well-known brand worldwide in more than 50 countries, with which we have been working for years with results at the height of the most demanding customer and Oryx Parts that maintain the company’s philosophy of the highest quality at the best price.

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