Distribution kits

It is an element that synchronizes the constant movement of the valves and pistons.

Distribution kits have had a great increase in recent years. A large part of the car manufacturers use this type of distribution instead of the classic belt distribution, since they manage to have a longer useful life. In engines with chain distribution, the components that serve to tension the chain suffer continuous wear. In some cases, bad oil prevents the hydraulic slack adjusters from maintaining tension on the chain sliders; in others, wear can be caused by vehicle exposure to extreme weather conditions, poor driving habits, or simply mileage. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically replace the hydraulic tensioners, the chain sliders and the sprockets. In motors with phase variators, their replacement must also be considered.

The FAI timing kits supplied by ORYX PARTS contain all the necessary components for the correct repair of the engine: chains, sprockets, tensioners, chain sliders, timing cover gaskets, gasket paste… depending on the type of engine to which be destined.

distribution kit

With our distribution kits you acquire everything you need to repair the engine distribution, with an incomparable quality/price ratio. Consult our catalog for the range of available chain kits.

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