Cylinder head

It is a block whose main function is to house other essential engine parts.

The cylinder head is the component of an engine that serves to seal the top of the cylinders that are in the block. There are various types of engine heads, from the classic iron heads to aluminum heads with a steel lining.

For one thing, iron cylinder heads are much heavier than aluminum cylinder heads and have poorer heat conducting properties. On the other hand, these cylinder heads better resist the friction of the pistons and are usually found in industrial engines.

Regarding aluminum heads, which are cheaper than iron ones, they have better heat conductivity and a lower weight. However, they are less resistant to engine combustion temperature.

In Automotive Oryx Parts we have observed how, sometimes, it is not possible to rectify the cylinder head so that the engine works perfectly. That is why rectifiers choose to purchase a cylinder head, either bare or complete, its set of cylinder head bolts and a set of gaskets to carry out a safe and quality repair for the engine.

For these cases we have adaptable engine heads for passenger cars and industrial engine heads, both bare cylinder heads and complete cylinder heads, which will allow you to carry out your repairs with a quality that meets the needs of the most demanding customer.

In addition, thanks to our stocking capacity together with our services it allows us to deliver the cylinder head the day after ordering it (see conditions).

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