Cylinder head gasketS and screw sets

Gasket sets and cylinder head bolts are responsible for ensuring the torque of the engine.

Engine gaskets seal each and every part of an engine. Thanks to the cylinder head gaskets Swe prevent an engine from losing oil at the joint between the block and the cylinder head, causing it to burn. The same happens with valve cover gaskets or distribution gaskets, among others.

In Automotive Oryx Parts we can provide you with both specific gaskets such as a cylinder head or crankcase gasket, even high or low part gasket sets, without forgetting that we also have complete gasket sets.

But that is not enough, a new gasket for a cylinder head is useless to repair a cylinder head if the bolts of that cylinder head are not also changed for new ones. That is why we also have at your disposal sets of bolts for the cylinder head that you need to repair. All this available the next day in your workshop (see conditions).

Quality is one of the fundamental pillars in our work philosophy and to maintain it, we offer only 3 brands for these gaskets and screw sets.

Oryx Parts

ORYX PARTS sets will add great value to your business due to their quality, range, composition and competitive price. A safe bet that will also allow you to differentiate yourself, as it is an exclusive Oryx Parts Automotive product.

Our own line offers a complete solution for the rectifier, with gasket sets adapted to the needs of the part. The range of ORYX PARTS engine parts (which includes valves and guides, hydraulic lifters and rocker arms and camshafts) allows the complete repair of the butt and its surroundings.

Our main competitive advantages are:

  1. Great coverage of passenger car engines: European, Japanese and Korean. More than 200 references of gasket sets available in stock.
  2. Solutions elaborated for the replacement that follow direct recommendations of the rectifier and developed with first equipment suppliers.
  3. We have gasket sets for diesel engines complete with washers and injector gaskets.

We also have a wide range of gasket sets for industrial engines.


The German brand is a benchmark in the European automotive industry. We sell the same parts that Elring supplies to the original equipment manufacturers, which guarantees that the highest quality of the original spare part is maintained. Elring spare parts cover approximately half of the European fleet, and its products are a benchmark in the cutting edge of engine sealing.


Fai Automotive and BGA

Both British manufacturers of spare parts for the engine, with which we have been working for more than 15 years, allow us to maintain a complete stock of more than 1,000 references with which to meet the needs of any client. We always supply a reliable product, suitable for a wide variety of engines and recognized for its quality in the market.

For more information or if you need specialized care, do not hesitate to contact us.