Connecting rod

Connecting rod allows the connecting rod to rotate on the crankshaft.

Connecting rod bearings or bushings are the engine parts that are mounted inside the connecting rod. These bearings maintain a thin layer of oil on the crankpins on which the connecting rod rests in order to carry out the movement without problems. It is very important that the bearings have the correct lubrication since half the bearing receives a great load from the force of combustion. If these bearings are not well lubricated, due to the power with which the connecting rod descends in the explosion and the high temperatures, the bearing can melt with the crankshaft, causing a serious and costly breakdown.

In recent years, with the increase in engine power and the prohibition of the use of certain toxic materials in combustion engines, bearings with “sputter” technology have been developed. Cathodic spraying, or “sputtering” in English, is a process in which the bearings are subjected to a voltaic arc that allows the creation of a thin layer inside the bearing that makes it extremely resistant to the loads that each time they are stronger in motors. Thanks to this technology we avoid many possible problems in addition to improving the quality of operation of the crankshaft.

Likewise, it is important to maintain the lubrication level of the main bearings. On them rests all the internal movement of the engine and its transmission through the rotation of the crankshaft. Lubrication problems in the lower part of the engine usually imply the change of this element.

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