Camshafts and pulleys

Camshafts are an essential part of the engine and when they fail they can cause irreversible damage.

Camshafts are an engine spare part in internal combustion engines that control the opening and closing of the valves in the engine cylinders. They are an essential part of the engine’s valve timing system and play a crucial role in engine performance and efficiency.

Due to the evolution of the automobile sector, the use of multi-valve cylinder heads has become widespread, which has led to a generalization of engines with two camshafts, manufactured with new generation alloys and very narrow tolerances. The most common causes of engine camshaft failure are inadequate engine lubrication and oil contamination.

In addition, the new manufacturing systems for false camshafts mounted on a hollow tube entail another problem: in the event of a breakdown due to a broken timing, the engine valves hit the cams, turning them almost imperceptibly but enough so that they stop working properly.

Another element that generates problems are the keys that the camshafts carry to adjust with the pulleys; in the event of a sudden breakdown, the keys damage the shaft pulleys.

Our wide range of camshafts, for passenger cars, trucks, tractors or public works, among others, are manufactured following the hardening treatments used by original equipment manufacturers.


At Oryx Parts Automotive we help you locate the camshafts and pulleys you need. To do this you will need to know the engine code. In addition, for some engines we manufacture complete kits of camshafts, hydraulic tappets, screws, bearings and seal that will allow you to carry out a complete and reliable repair of your engine.

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