Volvo Penta engine spare parts

Japanese manufacturer of equipment dedicated to agriculture and construction.

Volvo Penta is one of the most established brands in the engine world. Their range of engines includes both diesel and gasoline engines, ranging from 10 to 900 HP. These engines are used in pleasure boats, professional boats, power generators and industrial machinery.

One of the values that most characterizes Volvo Penta is innovation. They work every day to be at the forefront in all their products and services, as well as sustainability.

On demand and with fast delivery times, we can provide you with Volvo Penta adaptable engine spare parts such as overhaul kits, cylinder kits, gasket sets, cylinder rubbers, piston rings, seals, bearings, camshafts, valves and their guides.

volvo penta

We have engine spare parts for these engines:

  • D3.1 and D3.4 that they have Yanmar engines
  • D3.3 that it has Kubota engine.
  • D6, D7, TAD720VE, TAD750VE and TAD760VE that they have Deutz engines.
  • TAD1240GE / TAD1241GE / TAD1241VE / TAD1242GE / TAD1242VE.
  • TWD1240VE.

When identifying Volvo Penta engine spare parts, the following information is essential for the correct selection of engine parts: Engine code and serial number.

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