Kubota engine spare parts

Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer known worldwide for its agricultural vehicles.

Kubota is a Japanese company that manufactures agricultural vehicles and has almost 150 years of experience in this sector. With more than 40,000 employees, Kubota establishes itself as one of the largest companies in the industrial sector, more specifically in the agricultural sector. The sale of their engines to countless manufacturers of agricultural, industrial and environmental machinery makes them common engines in our market.

Since 2016 Automotive Oryx Parts S.L. provides adaptable OEM and aftermarket engine spare parts for Kubota agricultural and industrial applications at highly competitive prices and lead times. The range of engines from this Asian manufacturer is very wide, ranging from single-cylinder and twin-cylinder engines, used for example in Aixam micro-cars, to six-cylinder engines used in agricultural machinery, public works and construction.

The Kubota range of adaptable engine spare parts is the complete solution for the rectifier. At Oryx Parts we stock gasket sets, pistons, segment sets, seals, bearings, engine valves and their guides. In addition, we also provide bare or complete cylinder heads, oil and water pumps, connecting rod bolts (which should always be replaced), cylinder head bolts, valve rotators, and connecting rod foot bushings.



Then, our competitive advantages are:

  1. Having a huge coverage of Kubota engine spare parts for agricultural and industrial applications :
    • Series I (single cylinder): E75NB3, EA 300, EA 400, AC 60, OC 60, OC 80 and OC 95 engines.
    • Series II (62.2 mm series): ZB 400, Z 400, Z 430, D 600, D 640, V 800, Z402 AIXAM motors.
    • Series III (68 mm): Z 442, Z 442 E, Z 482, Z 482 E, D 662, D 662 E, D 722, D 722 E motors.
    • Series IV (70 mm): Motors ZB 500, ZB 600, Z 500, Z 600, ZL 600, ZH 500, Z 650, D 650, D 750, Z 750, Z 751, D 850, DH 850, D 950 , D1100, DH1101, D1101, V1100, VH1100, V1200.
    • Series V (73.6 mm): Motors D 902, D 905 (E) at 3000 rpm, D 905 (E) at 3600 rpm, D 1005 (E) at 3000 rpm, D 1005 (E) at 3600 rpm, V 1205 (E) at 3000 rpm, V 1205 (E) at 3600 rpm, V 1205-T (E) at 3000 rpm, V 1205-T (E) at 3600 rpm, V 1305 (E) at 3000 rpm, V1305 (E) at 3600 rpm, D 782 E.
    • Series VI (78.4 mm): Motors D 1105 (E) at 3000 tr/mn, V 1505 (E) at 3000 tr/mn, V 1505-T (E) at 3000 tr/mn.
    • Series VII (82 mm): Engines D 1102, D 1301, D 1302, D 1402, V 1500, V 1501, V 1502, V 1702, V 1902, S 2200, S 2600, S 2800, S 2802, V 2607.
    • Series VIII (92.4 mm): Engines D 1403, D 1403 E, D 1503, D 1703, D 1703 E, D 1803, V 1903, V 1903 E, V 2003-T, V 2203, V 2203 E, V 2403 , V 2607, F 2503-T, F 2803, F 2803 E.
    • Series IX (115 mm): Motors D 3000, D 3200, V 4000, V 4300, V 4302, V 4800.
    • X series (125 mm): Motors D 3502, V 4702.
    • XI series (110 mm): V 3300, V 3300-T, V 3307, V 3600, V 3800, V 6108 motors.
  2. Have more complete catalogs than the competition, and have the advice of specialists in the product.
  3. Total availability of original and alternative John Deere engine spare parts for the product.


For the supply of all these engine spare parts, we need the application where the engine is installed and its data (type of motor and serial number). In addition, we also need to know if the injection is direct or indirect, the material of the cylinder head gasket and if the valve cover has tightening screws in the center or on the sides.

Finally, for more information or if you need specialized care, do not hesitate to contact us.