Komatsu engine spare parts

Komatsu manufactures equipment for construction and mining.

Komatsu is a Japanese company with more than 100 years of experience in the industrial sector. After Caterpillar®, it is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial machinery for construction and mining. In addition, Komatsu also manufactures for machinery for the press, military use, laser technologies, etc.

Firstly, Komatsu’s range of adaptable engine spare parts is the complete solution for the rectifier: in addition to cylinder kits, gasket sets, oil seals, bearings and engine valves, we provide crankshafts, camshafts, fuel pumps, oil pumps, kits repair of water pumps, connecting rod bolts (which must always be changed), cylinder head bolts, valve rotators, and connecting rod foot and camshaft bushings. On demand, and with very fast delivery times, we can provide you with injection components, turbochargers or other Komatsu engine spare parts.

komatsu engine spare parts

Our competitive advantages are:

  1. Have a huge coverage of spare parts for Komatsu ® engines for industrial and public works applications:
    • Series 4D95 (four cylinders in line) and 6D95 (6 cylinders in line), with a 95mm piston diameter.
    • Series 6D102 (6 cylinders in line) with 102mm piston diameter.
    • Series 6D105 (6 cylinders in line) with 105mm piston diameter.
    • Series 4D106 (4 cylinders in line) with 106mm piston diameter.
    • Series 6D107 (6 cylinders in line) with 107mm piston diameter.
    • Series 6D110 (6 cylinders in line) with 110mm piston diameter.
    • Series 6D114 (6 cylinders in line) with 114mm piston diameter.
    • Series 4D120 (4 cylinders in line) with 120mm piston diameter.
    • Series 6D125 (6 cylinders in line) with 125mm piston diameter.
    • Series 4D130 (6 cylinders in line) with 130mm piston diameter.
    • Series 6D140 (6 cylinders in line) with 140mm piston diameter.
  2. Have more complete catalogs than the competition and have the advice of specialists in the product.
  3. Total availability and quality with unique aspects.

On the one hand, in the identification of the Komatsu engine spare part, it is essential to have the following data for a correct identification of the engine part:

  • Machine model
  • Machine serial number
  • Engine model
  • Engine serial number

On the other hand, for less common engines in our market, such as the 6D170 series, do not hesitate to contact us to check availability or price of the part you require.

For more information or if you need specialized care, do not hesitate to contact us.