John Deere engine spare parts

The most relevant agricultural machinery manufacturing company in the world.

John Deere (Deere & Company) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, founded in 1837 by John Deere. Deere & Company manufactures and sells tractors, combines, ATVs, planters, balers, and forestry equipment. Characterized by the colors green and yellow, John Deere is also a supplier of construction equipment and machines for lawn maintenance.

The range of adaptable John Deere engine parts is the complete solution for the rectifier: in addition to cylinder kits, gasket sets, seals, bearings and engine valves, we provide crankshafts, camshafts, fuel pumps, oil pumps, repair kits for water pumps, injectors, connecting rod bolts (which must always be changed), cylinder head bolts, valve rotators, and bushings on the foot of the connecting rod, camshafts, gears and balancer shafts.

John Deere engine spare parts


Firstly, our competitive advantages are:

  1. Have a huge coverage of John Deere engine spare parts for agricultural and industrial applications:
    • The 300 series with 98, 102 and 106.5mm piston diameters (long and regular stroke)
    • The 400 series of 108 and 116 mm piston diameter
    • The 500 series of 121 and 130 mm piston diameter
    • The Powertech series of 106.5mm (4.5 and 6.8 liters), 116.0mm (8.1 liters) and 118.4mm (9.0 liters).
  2. Our complete engine repair kits are the most equipped on the market.
  3. Have more complete catalogs than the competition, and have the advice of specialists in the product.
  4. Total availability and quality with unique aspects:
    • Induction hardened liners, only made in the USA and required by John Deere for a large number of their liners (6466, 6351 and 6619).
    • Viton O-rings, valve cover gasket in steel + silicone.
    • Modern high-segment pistons (emission control and faster cold starts) for 4045 (4.276), 6068 (6.414) 6076 and Powertech® series engines.
    • Forged crankshafts, suitable to withstand the highest power demands.
    • Engine parts developed with first-team manufacturers.
    • Unified gasket sets – very competitive price.

Contact us with the tractor model or engine serial number for your John Deere engine replacement needs for a price quote and availability within 24 hours, freight prepaid.


Since 2002, Automotive Oryx Parts has been the exclusive distributor of Maxiforce in Spain and Portugal, supplying the complete range of adaptable John Deere engine spare parts from this North American supplier with more than 20 years of experience. Maxiforce engine parts represent the best quality/price ratio on the market as a result of:

  • The result of the efforts of a team of professionals focused on offering the most complete range of John Deere engines.
  • A commercial service that allows to have an exact quote of the engine parts necessary for the repair.
  • An after-sales service that assists you technically in any doubts that may arise in the repair.

You can consult about Maxiforce on its website

John Deere has entrusted the motorization of many of its machines to other manufacturers of motors, such as Yanmar. If you find a “green” engine with a smaller displacement or, for example, a 68mm diameter piston, contact us with the serial number of the engine.

Finally, for more information or if you need specialized care, do not hesitate to contact us.