FPT Iveco engine spare parts

This Italian automobile company manufactures and markets both commercial and industrial engines.

Fiat PowerTrain is an Italian company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of engines. Being a subsidiary of FIAT, a car company with more than 120 years of experience, FPT produces all IVECO engines on the market that we currently have. These engines have both commercial transportation applications (vans, trucks, buses) and industrial applications (construction and agriculture).

The range of Oryx Parts adaptable to Iveco engines is the complete solution for the rectifier. We stock sets of gaskets, seals, bearings, engine valves and their guides. In addition, we also provide cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, oil and water pumps, connecting rod bolts (which should always be replaced), cylinder head bolts, valve rotators, and connecting rod foot bushings, camshaft bushings, gears and balancer shafts. On demand, and with very fast delivery times, we can provide you with injection components, turbos, or other Iveco® engine spare parts that you need.

Our competitive advantages are:

Have a wide coverage of FPT Iveco engine spare parts for industrial, public works, maritime or power generation applications.

  • NEF4 series with a piston diameter of 102 mm and 104 mm.
  • NEF6 series with a piston diameter of 102 mm and 104 mm.

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