Deutz engine spare parts

Pioneer in building engines for agricultural applications.

Deutz-Fahr is an engine manufacturer that began with a focus on the agricultural sector. With more than 100 years of experience, Deutz-Fahr was the first engine factory in the world.

During all these years it has been developing and evolving, becoming a benchmark since these engines have been mounted on a large number of models of public works machinery, tractors, trucks, electric generators, environmental machinery and even boats.

deutz engine spare parts

At Oryx Parts we have, for all of them, new or completely rebuilt cylinder kits, gasket sets, seals, bearings, engine valves, crankshafts, tensioner and timing belt repair kits, guaranteeing deadlines and very competitive prices. We can also provide solutions for turbos or the replacement of the injection system of these engines.

Our competitive advantages are:

  1. Have a wide range of Deutz engine spare parts for agricultural and industrial applications:
    • Series 1011 and 2011 with a piston diameter of 91, 94 or 96 mm.
    • Series 1012 and 2012 with a piston diameter of 94, 98 or 101 mm.
    • Series 1013 and 2013 with a 108 mm piston diameter.
    • Series 1015 and 2015 with a 132 mm piston diameter.
    • Series 912 piston diameter 100 mm.
    • Series 913 and 914 with a 102 mm piston diameter.
    • TCD 2.9/3.6/4.1/6.1 engines.
  2. Have more complete catalogs than the competition, and have the advice of specialists in the product.
  3. Provide quality and availability with unique aspects:
    • Timing belt kits for 1011 and 2011 series engines, complete with crankshaft locking tool for mounting.
    • Availability of tightening torques and other mounting instructions for these engines.
    • Forged crankshafts, suitable to withstand the highest power demands.
    • Engine spare parts of the injection system of leading brands.
    • First team suppliers, as well as alternative material.

Due to their quality and composition, our engine spares parts adapted to Deutz equipment are the most complete in the alternative engine spare parts market.

In the identification of the following engine families, we will need the engine serial number.

For less common motors in our market, either because of its novelty or its longevity, contact us to check availability and price of the spare part you need.

For more information or if you need specialized care, do not hesitate to contact us.