Cummins engine spare parts

Cummins is an American multinational that specializes in diesel engines.

Cummins is a multinational corporation that has been in the diesel engine business for more than 100 years. Well known for the production of these diesel and natural gas engines for industrial engines, in 2010 it became the only industrial company to meet the standards of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). It has recently started distributing natural gas powered engines in the United States in view of a promising future.


The Cummins range of adaptable engine parts is the complete solution for the rectifier. At Oryx Parts we stock cylinder kits, gasket sets, seals, bearings, engine valves and their guides. In addition, we also provide complete cylinder heads (for B and C series), crankshafts, camshafts, oil and water pumps, connecting rod bolts (which must always be replaced), cylinder head bolts, valve rotators, and foot bushings. connecting rod, camshafts, gears and balancer shafts.

Our competitive advantages are:

  1. Have a wide coverage of Cummins engine spare parts for agricultural and industrial applications:
    • Series B: Known as the 3.9 or 5.9, they are the 4B, 4BT, 4BTA four-cylinder engines; and six-cylinder 6B, 6BT, 6BTA, in emission and non-emission engine versions; and the new IsB and QsB; always, piston diameter 102mm.
    • We also have components for B3.3 engines with a 95mm piston diameter.
    • Series 4.5 and 6.7, with four and six cylinders respectively, with a 107mm piston diameter.
    • 6C Series: known as the 8.3, six-cylinder engines with a 114mm diameter piston and wet jacket; as well as its most modern IsC version.
    • Series L10 and M11, the latter with articulated piston.
    • Our complete engine repair kits are the most equipped on the market.
  2. Have more complete catalogs than the competition, and be specialists in the product.
  3. Provide quality with unique aspects:
    • In C, L and M series engines: wet sleeves protected by elastomer in the areas where they are in contact with the coolant.
    • Availability of different valve seals for series B or IsB; as well as the most current water and oil pumps.
    • Availability of tightening torques and other mounting instructions for these motors.
    • Forged crankshafts, suitable to withstand the highest power demands.
    • Engine spare parts developed with first-team manufacturers.

In the identification of Cummins engine spare parts, it is essential to have the eight-digit engine serial number, except in the cases of engines mounted on CASE or New Holland machinery, where we need the machine model to identify the engine parts that are required.

Since 2002, Automotive Oryx Parts has been the exclusive distributor of Maxiforce in Spain and Portugal, supplying the complete range of adaptable Cummins engine spare parts from this North American supplier with more than 20 years of experience. Maxiforce engine parts represent the best quality/price ratio on the market as a result of:

  • The result of the efforts of a team of professionals focused on offering the most complete range of these engines.
  • A commercial service that allows to have an exact quote of the engine spare parts necessary for the repair.
  • An after-sales service that assists you technically in any doubts that may arise in the repair.

You can consult about Maxiforce on its website

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