Caterpillar engine spare parts

Caterpillar is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining machinery.

Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. In its beginnings in 1890 they started with steam tractors and evolved, expanding their manufacturing range, and ended up becoming number one globally in this sector mentioned above, especially with the acquisition of the Perkins® engine manufacturer.

caterpillar engine spare parts

The Caterpillar range of adaptable engine parts is the complete solution for the rectifier. At Oryx Parts we stock cylinder kits, gasket sets, seals, bearings, engine valves and their guides. In addition, we also provide cylinder heads (for 3204 and 3304 series), crankshafts, camshafts, oil and water pumps, connecting rod bolts (which must always be replaced), cylinder head bolts, valve rotators, and valve foot bushings. connecting rod, camshafts, gears and balancer shafts. On demand, and with very fast delivery times, we can provide you with injection components, turbos, or any other Caterpillar® engine parts you need.


Then, our competitive advantages are:

  1. Have a wide coverage of Caterpillar engine spare parts for industrial, public works, maritime or power generation applications:
    • Series 3024 (three or four cylinders in line) with a piston diameter of 84mm.
    • Series 3034 and 3036, used in forklift trucks, with a 97mm piston diameter.
    • Series 3054 (four cylinders in line) and 3056 (six cylinders in line), with a piston diameter of 100mm, 103mm or 105mm in their electronic injection versions; These engines may require a semi-finished liner or oversized piston for repair.
    • Series 3064 and 3066 (six cylinders in line) with a 102mm piston diameter.
    • Series 3114 (four cylinders in line) and 3116 (six cylinders in line) with a diameter of 105mm.
    • Series 3126 (six cylinders in line) with a 100mm piston diameter.
    • Series 3204 (four cylinders in line) and 3208 (eight cylinders in V) with a piston diameter of 114mm.
    • Series 3304 (four cylinders in line) and 3306 (six cylinders in line), with a 120mm piston diameter and wet jacket.
    • Series 3406 (six cylinders in line), 3408 (eight cylinders in V), 3412 (twelve cylinders in V) and C15 (six cylinders in line), with 134mm piston diameter and wet jacket.
    • Series C0.5, C0.7, C1.1, C1.5, C1.7, C2.2, C3.3, C4.4, C6.6, C7.1, C9, C9.3, C11 and C13.
  2. Have more complete catalogs than the competition, and have the advice of specialists in the product.
  3. Provide quality with unique aspects:
    • Availability of tightening torques and other mounting instructions for these motors.
    • Forged crankshafts, suitable to withstand the highest power demands.
    • Engine spare parts developed with first-team manufacturers.


To conclude, in the identification of Caterpillar engine parts, it is essential to have the following data for a correct selection of engine parts:

  • Machine model.
  • Machine serial number.
  • Engine serial number.
  • Number of “arrangement” (or arr.) of the engine.

For less common engines in our market, either because of its novelty or its longevity. Contact us to check availability and price of the engine part you need.

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