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After the pandemic full of events delayed, cancelled or even deleted, fairs were back to normality.

This year, one of the most expected fairs was Motortec 2022. This fair is one of the biggest fairs in Europe that focus automotive industry.

Where was Motortec held?

Motortec was celebrated at IFEMA, which is the most popular place to hold fairs in Spain.

IFEMA, Madrid

iFEMA is the fairground par excellence in Spain. The majority of important fairs have been held there since its construction and Motortec could not be the exception. Took place from April 20 to April 23, 2022

What did the return of Motortec mean?

Having the fairs back meant more than just see what did the suppliers prepare. This edition will be remembered for everyone being the fair where we established the personal contact back. For the last two years customer-supplier relationship was completely different from what we were used to, everything became telematic.

One of the most enjoyable experiences was the oportunity to have a seat with our customers and talk about everything we wanted. Leaving aside worklife and being more personal. The truth is that most of our clients did not talk about their job and they were focused to talk everything else.

Even though this intention of not talking about job, Motortec was planned to be an automotive event so we had the opportunity to show our clients our new online shopping web with which they will be able to do their job faster.

Who was in Motortec 2022?

This year, after three of waiting, people missed this events and, above all, talk with another. This fair was visited for more than 52.000 professionals. There were a lot of mechanical workshop, engine rectifiers and engine spare parts suppliers, amongst we were at.

Will there be next edition?

It is very soon to ensure if there will be next edition of Motortec, however, after the success of this event there is no room for doubt that it will be celebrated in 2024.

We will inform as soon as next edition is confirmed and, for sure, we will comunicate our participation.

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