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Mitsubishi is a Japanese company that manufactures automobiles. Its logo is composed of three rhombuses that symbolizes three diamonds. This is because the Mitsubishi translation is three diamonds.

The Japanese brand decided to focus its objective on recovering its European market for next year with Renault, which together with Nissan made an alliance at the beginning of the year to reduce costs.

Do you want to know new models that it will be introduced in Europe in spring 2023? We’ll tell you then.


The Mitsubishi ASX is an SUV that has the same features that the Renault Captur. It will have the “made in Spain” label because it will manufacture at the Renault plant in Valladolid.

The new generation of ASX engines has a wide range of powertrain options: petrol, mild hybrid, hybrid and plug-in.

The first is a 3-cylinder turbocharged multipoint injection gasoline engine and reaches a power of 91 hp. In this range of engines, we find another engine that is also gasoline, however the injection is direct, and it has 4 cylinders in line.

Hybrid engines combine a gasoline engine with two electric engines. The gasoline engine has a capacity of 1.6 liters and reaches a maximum power of 160 hp.



Another model that it will return to the European market next year will be the Mitsubishi Colt, whose origin comes from the Renault Clio.

They have not given all the information yet, but it is possible that it will be a hybrid car with a gasoline engine that will reach 90 hp, two electric motors and an ion battery.


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