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Today we are going to talk about the John Deere 300 series. This series was designed in 1960 for agricultural professionals. It is the most common range that we can find in Spain and most of the world.

John Deere has a relevant reputation, the brand stays in the first position when we talk about engines in the agricultural sector.

Today we are going to talk about John Deere 300 series. This series was designed in 1960 for agricultural professional. It is common to find these engines in Spain and around the world.



We find engines with 3, 4 and 6 cylinders in line, and they can be gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas and diesel. Also, these engines can be 98, 102, 106.5 mm bore.

The first engines of this series had an internal diameter of 98 mm, and in them the rubbers could be on the sleeve or on the block. An engine with this diameter is 3.152 that has 3 cylinders.

The next engines that were designed had a 102 mm bore. In these engines, the rubbers are in the sleeve or on the block. Nevertheless, a peculiarity is that in those engines in which the rubbers are on the block, the bolt can be 30 or 35 mm.

As time passed, agricultural machines required greater capacity, which is why engines with 106.5 mm diameter appeared. These engines are atmospheric with a 35 mm pin or turbocharged with a 41 mm pin. However, there is a Spanish engine with this diameter is the 6.354, which is turbocharged, but the pin has a measure of 35 mm.

The 6068D (atmospheric) or 6068T (turbo) engine entered in Spain and Portugal in 1994. It has a diameter of 106.5 mm, and you can find in off-highway machines. Another peculiarity of this John Deere engine is that it belongs to PowerTech range. It has similarities with the 300 series engines. The only difference is that the sleeve is higher and the connecting rod bearings are different.

Finally, if you want more information about PowerTech engines, we leave you a link.


In conclusion, these engines have the peculiarity that they are very easily repairable. Due to its age and not having emissions regulations that imply the installation of many filters, you can repair almost where they break down.

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