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If we tell you “Nothing is like a Deere”, you know what brand we are talking about, right? Which is one of the most important agricultural machinery manufacturing companies worldwide.

This brand has 3 elements that characterizes it. Those are; its colors, green and yellow, as its name suggest. Within the products that John Deere sells you will find agricultural and forestry machinery and even lawn mowers, chainsaws, snow plows…



John Deere has a wide range of products, however, we are going to talk about one series in particular, the PowerTech engines. These are diesel engines ranging from 36kW (48hp) to 510kW (684hp) and they use for industrial applications, generator sets, compressors, material handling and agricultural machinery.

Within this category, we find the PowerTech M, E and Plus motors. One of the values ​​of this brand is innovation and applying the latest technology in its products. For this reason, the engines that we are going to talk about in this category have been designed to reduce air pollution and make it healthier.

PowerTech M

These engines are in models such as 5055E or 5075E. They characterize by having an injection system, which produces high pressures and achieves better combustion. In addition, they have 2-valve cylinder heads and fixed-geometry turbochargers, that is, the amount of air that enters through the gas turbine is always the same.

PowerTech E

Like the previous model, it has 2-valve cylinder heads and fixed-geometry turbochargers. However, it uses a high-pressure rail or also called common-rail (HPCR) fuel system. These engines are larger like 6115E tractor which has a capacity of 4.5L.

PowerTech Plus

This type of diesel engine are in larger tractors such as 6190R or 7030 Premium, and they have the most advanced technology in this category. Among the main features, It has 4-valve cylinder heads and a variable geometry turbocharger that allows to solve problems of usual turbos. Additionally, it enables the circulation of cooled exhaust gases that reduces the entry of harmful substances into these engines. John Deere achieved that this type of engines obtain fuel economy and, therefore, reduce air pollution.


For 15 years, the German company Claas, which only sold combine harvesters, integrated Claas tractors into its offer, with more than 50 models between 75 and 530 CV.

These types of tractors have a John Deere PowerTech engine. However, the composition of its engine is unknown until it is disassembled, slowing down the process of changing parts that have been damaged. In addition, if we find ourselves in the case of having to rectify the head gasket, the parts are not sold separately. However, there is a pack with the equipment together with the connecting rod.


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In our stock you can find crankshafts, bearings, connecting rods, pistons, liners, injectors, segments, oil pumps, water pumps, camshafts, engine valves, gasket sets, connecting rod and cylinder head bolts and connecting rod foot bushings, from camshafts, gears and balancer shafts.

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