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Isuzu is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of industrial and commercial vehicles and diesel engines.

It becomes a world leader in the commercialization of pick-ups. In addition, it was the first to introduce the common rail system in this type of cross-country vehicle.

Due to its involvement with the environment, Isuzu designs diesel engines that minimize the polluting gases emission. In Europe, we have pollution regulations that are becoming increasingly tougher. Previously, we found Euro 5 and Euro 6 is currently in force, which limits emissions from internal combustion vehicles.

Next, we are going to talk about two types of engines that are common, as well as one of the brand’s best-selling pickups nationally and worldwide.



Two very common Isuzu H-series diesel engines are 4HK1 and 6HK1. They are common rail engines and therefore have electronic injection, have a diameter of 115 mm and a stroke of 125 mm. Both engines have the same characteristics, the difference between 4HK1 and 6HK1 is that the first one has 4 cylinders and the other has 6 cylinders. This is because the market needs an engine with higher power.


We also highlight the L-series engines, specifically, 4LE1 and 4LE2. Both engines have 4 cylinders in line and are water cooler. They have the same bore (85 mm) and stroke (96 mm). They differ in that 4LE1 engine is indirect injection and 4LE2 is direct injection.

isuzu engines
Direct injection (4LE2)
Indirect injection (4LE1)


One of Isuzu’s best-selling vehicles is the D-Max pick-up. The place chosen for its launch in 2002 was Thailand, where it achieved great sales success in a short time. However, in the European market it has been since 2012.

This pick up has a turbo diesel engine with 1.9 liters of capacity and reaches 163 CV power. It has 2 camshafts and 16 valves. Its distribution is by chain and its type of injection is common rail (electronic injection).


Thanks to the fact that this Japanese brand designed engines that emit the minimum of emissions, they have been able to survive changes in emission regulations over time. One of values that Isuzu shares with Oryx Parts is our commitment to the environment, we want to improve every day to cut down of our impact in it.

At Oryx Parts we have a wide range of industrial engine spare parts for Isuzu engines. If you need to repair any of these engines, contact us.

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