Since the European Union made use of synthetic fuel possible, we did not stop hearing news about this fuel. This gives hope for the survival of combustion engines, and therefore for diesel and petrol engine parts.

This fuel is obtained thanks to chemical transformation processes, that is, using water, air and renewable energy. It considers zero emissions because CO2 that it takes in the air is more than CO2 it discharges.


Porsche is one brand that is betting on synthetic fuel. They created Haru Oni ​​project, thanks to their association with Siemens Energy and other international companies. They want to develop the first large-scale plant for producing synthetic fuel. Although this brand believes that the future is electric car, they need this project works to extend the life of their range of internal combustion vehicles.

After pressure from its customers for wanting to keep their sports cars, Lamborghini decided to start a new project. Lamborghini produces its own synthetic fuel together with an oil company and thus avoid the death of V10 and V12 engines.

Finally, Toyota with ENEOS Corporation, Suzuki, Subaru and Daihatsu are also doing research on the optimization of synthetic fuel production process. Toyota committed to HV0100, a plant-based fuel created by Neste in Finland, in order to continue using diesel-powered vehicles.


Synthetic fuel

While the most of the automobile sector is producing electric cars, Mazda created Mazda CX-60. It is a vehicle that incorporates an in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine with two power levels, 200 and 254 hp. Despite that combustion engines had an expiration date, Mazda decided to create a diesel engine that it considers the cleanest in the world. Besides, it complies with emission regulations.


Although there is still a long way to find out the viability of synthetic fuel, it is an alternative that could be the solution to save internal combustion engines and comply with gas emission limits.

Another factor that will influence this alternative to diesel and gasoline is the price. It estimates to be less than 2 dollars. This positive data may encourage companies that bet on this fuel to continue developing necessary technology to make it possible.

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