FIMA 2022

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Fima, the international fair of agricultural machinery was celebrated in Zaragoza from 26th to the 30th of last April.

This event was going to be celebrated, firstly, February 8th of 2022. However, due to the situation of Covid-19 At that moment, the organization decided to delay the fair until April 26.


FIMA evolved a lot since its beginning. A few years ago the International Fair of Agricultural Machinery in Zaragoza was fully occupied, so much so the visitors had to park their vehicles out of the fair because there was no space inside.

However, these last years big machine builders such as Caterpillar, Yanmar, John Deere, or Kubota have left the fair. Instead of these manufacturers, distributors are the ones that have taken its place, making the fair more diversified.


Date changing had a big impact in the fair, specially for exhibitors. We had no clue about how this event was going to be, was it going to be as good as MOTORTEC 2022? Was it going to be affected negatively by the change of date?

We chose most popular spare parts for those big brands such as Deutz, Kubota, Mitsubishi, Yanmar, Isuzu and we also brought one of our most recent additions to our product range, an Overhaul kit. In this occasion, it was a kit for a John Deere 6090.

What is an Overhaul Kit?

An Overhaul Kit is a product that allows the rectifier to make a complete repair for an industrial engine in a more economical way. The box contains all the piston-liner kits, bearings and gaskets needed speeding up all the process of identification, selection and order preparation also reducing costs. Furthermore, Overhaul Kits are cheaper than all the pieces separated, benefiting clients who increase their profit.


Once the organization changed the date, all the predicts were that this fair was not going to be very successful.

Number of visitors decreased a lot in this edition and the analysis from exhibitors was not good at all. They believed that if the date had not changed, everything would be different. Covid-19 situation caused a delay in the celebration, however the dates chosen after were not the best ones.

Even though of the unsatisfaction from the exhibitors, everyone got some interesting visitors that wanted to start a commercial relationship.

FIMA and MOTORTEC – The differences

We shared with you our experience in MOTORTEC 2022. In that event, our clients let their jobs aside and focused on their lives.

The reality is that MOTORTEC was a completely successfully fair. Everyone one missed personal contact, and they were so will to talk about themselves.

However, FIMA was slightly different from MOTORTEC. Most of the customers were looking for product and potential commercial relationships for the future.


As we said for MOTORTEC it is very soon to ensure if there is going to be another edition of FIMA. However, meanwhile it is easy to say that there will be another MOTORTEC due to the success of the event, we can’t make any predictions about FIMA.

We hope that there will be another FIMA, and we wish it will come back as good as it was before.

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