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One of the values that characterize Oryx Parts is our commitment to the environment. We always bet on sustainability and apply actions in our day to day to reduce our impact on the environment.

Cutting down on the use of plastic has always been one of our objectives. For this reason, all our boxes are made of cardboard. In addition, we use recycled paper to protect engine spare parts, in this way we make sure that they are in perfect condition and are not damaged.

In May, we decided to install solar panels so that we could supply ourselves with the electricity we need. We install these solar panels because it is a renewable source that does not emit CO2, is clean, abundant and does not generate nuclear waste.

During the previous year, We generated 5,701.79 kWh, of which 40% was for our consumption and 60% was discharged into the network. However, in winter there are fewer daylight hours, so we need more energy.

Thanks to this installation, in addition to reducing the cost of energy, we managed to reduce a lot of polluting particles that affect our ecosystem and our health.

In addition, since September of last year, we changed business hours for various reasons. Our team can reconcile their work life with family life, they can continue study and reduce energy consumption.

Oryx staff separates different materials for recycling. All this is possible thanks to the different paper and plastic containers that are in our warehouse.


Thanks to these measures, we managed to cut down on the emission of substances that are harmful to the environment and, in this way, to the recovery of the ozone layer. We help to slow down the global warming.

In addition, “Low Emission Zones” will implement in Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, which will allow the restriction of vehicles whose emissions are exceeded and will improve air quality.

Our purpose for this year is to continue to improve our impact on the environment and apply everything in our power to get it.

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