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In many cases, the workers in a grinding machine or workshop only know the serial number of the engine they have to repair. Here are some guides to John Deere, Kubota and Perkins serial numbers to help you find out all the information they can provide.


Thanks to this guide, we can quickly identify the factory code, engine type and sequential serial number. In addition, in John Deere each digit of the engine type has a meaning: number of cylinders, liters of displacement and the aspiration code. In the following image, you can see an example of a John Deere serial number.



Unlike the John Deere guide, the Kubota serial number provides even more information about the Kubota engines: number of cylinders, displacement, engine series, model variation, injection type, whether turbo or not, emission type, specification and model variation. In addition, we also have a guide to the Kubota series.



Finally, we are going to tell you what information the Perkins serial number gives us. Depending on the year in which the engine was manufactured, we will obtain some data or others.

For pre-1978 engines we can find out: capacity (in cubic inches), the country in which it was manufactured, OEM, serial number and special features.

On the other hand, for post-1978 engines we can know the engine family, the build code, the country, serial number and year of manufacture.


All this information is very useful as it helps us to know the exact type of engine to repair and therefore select the exact parts that guarantee the success of the repair.

Thanks to the more than 20 years of experience of our sales team in this sector and the wide range of engine spare parts for brands such as John Deere, Kubota, Perkins, Deutz… among others, we can guarantee that the spare parts our customers receive are the ones they need.

We not only supply engine parts in Spain and Portugal but also throughout the rest of Europe. If you need to repair an engine, do not hesitate to contact us.

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