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Deutz AG is one of the biggest manufacturers of agricultural diesel engines.

Not only used in the equipment manufactured by Deutz Fahr (tractor manufacturer), but numerous OEMs use the ranges of engines of the German manufacturer which cover from 4kw to 7000kw. Recently, Deutz AG has signed a collaboration agreement with John Deere, and we are looking forward to seeing how it translates into future engines of this brand.


The brand KHD has been known as the manufacturer of air cooled engines thanks to 912 series and 913 series. Nowadays, these engines are in very specific applications, such as mining.

There is a big number of engines with more than 40 years of work, and they keep on working due to their reliability, ease of repair and the ability to work in very aggressive environments such as a very saline environment by the sea.

Deutz tractor series 6

Even though these engines could be repaired and work as new, these engines evolved to the 1011, 1012 and 1013 series. All the emissions requirements forced Deutz to evolve its engines; which have also led to the current TCD series that we know today and of which we will talk next.


The Deutz TCD series engines have been in the market for more than 10 years. These engines are very much appreciated in industry, so much so that in 2010 their compact engine TCD 2.9 whose name was “Diesel of the year”. Eight years later, it won this award again with its TCD 9.0 version.

Letting 2.9 and 9.0 awards aside, we are going to focus on Deutz TCD 3.6 engines and its new design.

This 4-cylinder Deutz turbocharged engine has a power range that goes from 93 hp to 141 hp at 2000-2200 rpm. These small, water-cooled engines are on Deutz harvests and tractors.

The continuous technological developments by Deutz-Fahr and the restrictions that must respect regarding the emission of gases has contributed to the great diesel consumption optimization by this engine, complying with all the requirements of the Euro V standard. This model has a great advantage over other Deutz engines. Due to his compact design, it reduces the price of the installation and also increases the number of applications where it can mount.

Last but not least, one characteristic that we consider very important to highlight. Especially here in Europe, due to the changes of the temperatures, is the engine’s ability to have great cold start performance.

As we mentioned before, these engines have become very popular in recent years due to their great performance and the quality/price they offer.


At Automoción Oryx Parts S.L. we have spare parts for engine parts for this model and its variants such as the TCD 7.8, TCD 4.1 or TCD 6L, among others, allowing our clients to can carry out a complete repair of these engines and, thus, be able to extend the useful life of the combine harvester Deutz, the Merlo telescopic, the Bobcat loader …

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