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Deutz is a diesel engine manufacturer with a long history in the industry. The company was founded in 1964, it has been manufacturing engines for more than 150 years.

The German company is a leader in innovation and the development of diesel engine technology. Its engines are synonymous with high quality and performance. In addition, environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, that’s the reason that they invest in the development of more efficient and emission-reducing engines, such as Tier 4 and Stage V engines.

Its engines can be found in a wide variety of sectors including agricultural, construction, marine and power generation machinery, among others.


It works with other OEMs to solve problems with their products.

Do you want to know which brands Deutz has worked with? Here are some of them.


JCB is a British brand that manufactures construction and agricultural equipment, as well as engines for industrial applications.


Terex is an American manufacturer of heavy equipment such as construction machinery, lifting and material handling equipment.


Atlas Copco is a Swedish manufacturer of construction, mining, oil and gas equipment. Atlas Copco’s products include air compressors, compressed air treatment equipment, power generators, pumps, electric and pneumatic tools, among others.


Another brand that collaborated with it is Liebherr. It is a German company that manufactures machinery and equipment for industrial sectors such as construction, mining, food, maritime and even aerospace. Deutz, in particular, supplied diesel engines for applications in construction equipment, cranes and mining machinery.


Volvo Penta is a marine engine manufacturer and used Deutz engines in the following engines: D6, D7, TAD720VE, TAD750VE and TAD760VE.


In addition to Liebherr, another German company, Fendt, used Deutz engines. The products supplied by Fendt include tractors, combine harvesters, balers, mowers and tillage and sowing equipment.


Hatz is a manufacturer of diesel and gasoline engines with diverse applications such as agricultural machinery, construction, transport, power generation and marine.


Deutz has supplied diesel engines for some of Mercedes-Benz’s commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses. A particularity of the engines supplied by it is that they are air-cooled engines.


Finally, BMW has diesel engines that Deutz has produced for some of the vehicles, including the X3 and X5 models.


To sum, Deutz is undoubtedly a leading company in the engine sector, which stands out for its extensive experience, its high quality products and for continuing to improve day by day by investing in research.

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