the cylinder head

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The cylinder head is an important engine part whose main function is to close the combustion chamber. This engine spare part helps to ensure proper functioning of the engine.

Its composition can be mainly of two materials: cast iron or aluminum. Previously, they were generally manufactured with cast iron, this is because it allowed greater resistance, rigidity and thermal conductivity. However, they are currently made of aluminum which allows for greater lightness and still has high thermal conductivity.



Its main function is to control the movement of the intake and exhaust valves. If you want to know all camshaft types, we leave you the link of our last blog.


Valves can be intake or exhaust. The intake valves control the amount of air-fuel mixture that enters the cylinder. Instead, the exhaust valve allows the combustion gases to escape during the combustion process. Normally, the intake valves are bigger than the exhaust valves, this is because the pressure of the inlet gases is lower than the outlet gases.


This part allows the valves to return to their initial position. In addition, they generate the necessary force to seal the cylinder when the valve is closed.


Rocker arms and tappers allow to push the intake and exhaust valves and, in this way, It synchronizes the internal combustion engine times.


It is responsible for supplying fuel into the engines. Regardless of whether the engine is direct or indirect injection, this engine part is always located inside the cylinder head.


We can distinguish two types of injection pumps, conventional and common rail. Both are responsible for increasing the pressure of the diesel during combustion, but they differ in that the common rails are smaller in size, which allows them to have a higher pressure.

Other parts that we can find are the spark plugs, vacuum pumps, gaskets such as the cylinder head gasket or the exhaust and intake manifold gaskets…


The difference between a bare and complete cylinder head is the number of parts that make it up. As its name indicates, a complete cylinder head contains all the parts described above, unlike the bare cylinder head that only has the structure of it.

cylinder head

At Oryx Parts we carry out a quality test on all the cylinder heads that we have in our warehouse. In this way, we ensure that our customers will not have any problem when carrying out a repair.

We have bare and complete cylinder heads that adapt to both industrial and tourism engines.

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