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Between the engine block and the cylinder head we find the cylinder head gasket. This engine spare part allows the sealing of the engine. It is a key component to ensure proper functioning of the engine.

There are different types of head gaskets depending on the material they are made of. On one hand, the fiber gasket whose composition is steel and two fiber sheets on each side. These gaskets do not use because the engine has to withstand higher temperature levels.

On the other hand, the multilayer gasket or MLS is made up of steel sheets of various thicknesses that allow better sealing facing of this temperature increase and absorbs vibrations.


Although cylinder head gasket characterizes by having a long life, sometimes we can find faults since they can break, deform or burn. This is due to multiple causes, the main one is engine overheating when it reaches higher temperatures than cannot support, water and coolant leaks. Other reasons may be pump, thermostat or radiator malfunction.

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The head gasket acts like a fuse, in other words, before the engine has major damage, the head gasket damages as a symptom that something is failing within the engine.

Next, we are going to point you out how these breakdowns manifest themselves in different parts of engine:

Expulsion of white smoke from the exhaust tube

When the cylinder head gasket shows some alteration, it is possible that coolant reaches the combustion chamber. If this happens, the liquid will evaporate and white gas that characterize by a sweet smell will come out of the exhaust tube. It is also common for coolant to come out of the exhaust tube.

Cooling system

Another symptom is that cooling circuit hoses, which are responsible for bringing coolant to the radiator, have a lot of pressure. Sometimes they can break.

Engine overheating

This overheating will take place when the vehicle reaches a certain speed. In the worst case, if metal elements expand, they can cause cracks and deformation that can permanently damage the head gasket and allow other leaks in the engine.

Oil leak

As the refrigerant and oil mix, the oil changes its color towards a whiter tone. Furthermore, there will be parts such as combustion chamber, connecting rod bearings or camshaft that will deteriorate, as the oil looses its properties.


These types of failures can not ignore as they could lead to major engine damage. It is recommended that cylinder head gasket be changed by a specialist for a new one to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle.

It is very important that when a head gasket is replaced with a new one, cylinder head bolts are also replaced. When these screws are tightened by angular torque, they deform from the elastic zone to the plastic zone and lose their original shape.

Reusing these used screws will produce a lack of tightness between the cylinder head and the block, and eventually their breakage. If the tightening is not correct, it can cause all these breakdowns that we mentioned.

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